What Is Paytm Wallet Transit Card? How To Make Paytm Transit Card?

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What Is Paytm Wallet Transit Card? How To Make Paytm Transit Card? – In today’s time, the create craze of online shopping and online transactions is increasing very fast. Now we do most of the shopping or bill payment with our own debit card, credit card or online payment wallet. In view of this, now Paytm has launched new features for its users.

If you use Paytm. So you must have done online payment movie ticket bill payment mobile recharge till now. But now you can pay offline with the help of this new feature of Paytm. Apart from this, you can add more payments to your wallet. Let us now give you information about Paytm Wallet Transit Card.

What Is Paytm Transit Card?

If you use Paytm Wallet then you came to know that you need internet to use Paytm. But after the launch of Paytm Transit Card features, you will no longer need internet to add or make any kind of payment. You can make offline payment through Paytm Transact Card.

Apart from this, you can send offline payment through Paytm Transit Card. Apart from this, you can use this card to do online shopping. And also you will not need a separate card to take metro ticket bus ticket. You can do all these things very easily through Paytm Transit Card.

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how To Make Paytm Transit Card

If you also want to make Paytm Transit Card. So you can create Paytm Transit Card very easily by following the steps given by us.

  • First of all, open Paytm application on your smartphone.
  • Now Login to Paytm Application.
  • After this you click on the option of Paytm Wallet.
  • As soon as you click on Paytm Wallet option, you will see a Paytm Transit Card option. You activate Paytm Transit Card by clicking on this option.
  • After this you will see Enter your paytm bank passcode option.
  • In this option, you enter your passport and click on the enter button.
  • Now your Paytm Transit Card has been activated.
  • Now you can use your Paytm Transit Card for shopping and online transactions.


Friends, through this article, we have given you complete information about what is Paytm Transit Card and how to make Paytm Transit Card. I hope you like the information given by us. If you liked this article, then you must give your opinion by commenting. Thank you.

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