What Is CIF Number And How To Find CIF Number

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What Is CIF Number And How To Find CIF Number – Friends, today we will tell you what is CIF number. How can you find out CIF number? Today we have shared two such methods with you, with the help of which you can easily find out about your CIF number. Friends, CIF number is very important for us. If we want, we can also get the CIF number from our bank passbook. Otherwise we can also get our CIF number with the help of customer care. About which you will get to read below.

What Is CIF number?

Friends, the full name of CIF is Customer Information File. In which the bank stores all the information of all its customers in digital form. Friends, with the help of CIF number, it is known that there is no FD etc. in this bank of yours. Or have not taken any loan or credit card of any kind.

Friends CIF number is linked with all the products and services taken by any one bank. In which bank officials can find out about all the facilities you are getting by just entering this number.

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Friends, CIF numbers are known by different names in different banks. For example, in SBI Bank, it is called CIF number which means Customer Information File. Whereas in HDFC and ICICI Bank it is known as Customer ID.

How To Get CIF Number?

Friends, now we are going to tell you two such methods. With the help of which you can easily remove your CIF number. Those two ways are something like this-

1. Finding CIF Number from Bank Passbook

Friends, many people need CIF number or Customer ID only while starting Internet Banking. If you have a passbook given by the bank itself. So you can find out the CIF number, in this way you can find your CIF number in the fastest and easiest way. Because friends, inside the first page of the passbook, your CIF number is written just above your account number.

Friends, this number is 11 digits inside SBI Bank. Then even if your account is inside any bank, but your CIF number or customer ID is written on the first page of your passbook.

2. Checking CIF Number from Customer Care

Friends, if you do not have a pass book with you, then you can also find out about your CIF number by talking to the customer care of the bank. If you are an SBI Bank customer, then in order to get in touch with SBI customer care. You can dial this 1800 425 3800 number.

Friends, if you want to know your CIF number from customer care. So you have to give them some information about your account. Such as your account number, in which branch your account is located and what is your registered mobile number.

After calling the customer care and talking to the customer care officer, you can follow the process mentioned by the IVR and the customer service officer may also ask you for your account number. Apart from this, he can also call you on your registered mobile number as far as possible. Then he tells you your CIF number.


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