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Rummy Pride APK Download | Rummy Pride App Download | SignUp Bonus Rs-50 : Friends, nowadays money can be earned very easily by staying at home. That is why today we will tell you a very good way here. With which you can easily earn up to ₹ 20000 by investing ₹ 10000 a day.

Friends, everyone likes to play games, that’s why today we will tell you about a earning game. You must have read above that today we will tell you about an earning application. This application is so great that it also gives you a bonus of ₹ 50 as soon as you sign up and in this you get many more types of games and many more great features.

About Rummy Pride APK

Friends, Rummy Pride APK has just been launched some time back, so you can call it the latest application. But as soon as this application was launched, there has been a buzz in the internet because at present the users of this application are in lakhs. From downloading this application to earning money from it, we will discuss all the things here today. In this you get many good features like sign up bonus vip bonus and customer support.

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How To Download Rummy Pride Apk?

You don’t need to wander anywhere to download Rummy Pride APK. Because to download it, we will provide you the download link below.

  • After clicking on this link given below, you will be redirected to the official website of Rummy Pride APK.
  • Here you will see Rummy Pride APK written in front and the Download Now button below.
  • After clicking on the Download Now button, you will be asked for permission to download Rummy Pride APK on your phone.
  • After allowing that permission Rummy Pride APK will be downloaded on your phone.

Download Now

How To Sign Up In Rummy Pride Application?

The signup process in Rummy Pride APK is also very easy. There are 2 benefits by signing up in this, one gives you a bonus of ₹ 50 for playing Rummy Pride APK Game and the other advantage is that you will be able to use all the features of Rummy Pride APK easily.

  • When you will open the application, an interface will come in front of you in which you have to fill some information mentioned below.
  1. Your name.
  2. your mobile number.
  3. a secure password.
  4. Four digit OTP.
  • For OTP, you have to click on the OTP key button given below.
  • After filling all the information mentioned above, you have to click on the confirm button.
  • As soon as this process is completed, your signup process in Rummy Pride APK will be completed and you will also get a bonus of ₹ 50 for playing the game from Rummy Pride APK.

Available Game’s In Rummy Pride

In Rummy Pride APK, you do not get to see useless games. Its makers have taken a lot of care while making the game, so you get only three types of games in it. This game can earn you lakhs of rupees. To play these games, you have to use your skills and you will be able to easily earn lakhs of rupees from anyone.

  1. Teen Patti Game
  2. Point Rummy
  3. 777 Fruit Dynasty

How To Add Money In Rummy Pride App?

Friends, adding money in Rummy Pride APK is a very easy process. We believe that if you play the game by investing more money in this application, then there is also a hope of winning more money. For this reason, if you want to play the game by investing more money, then add money to Rummy Pride APK in the following way and then earn lakhs of rupees easily.

  • First of all open Rummy Pride APK.
  • Now the home page of Rummy Pride APK will open in front of you, in which you will see the button of Add Cash.
  • On clicking this button, an interface will open in front of you in which you will get different options to add amount.
  • If we talk about adding minimum rupees in Rummy Pride APK, then you can add ₹ 100 in it.
  • After filling the money, enter your UPI ID details and make the payment.
  • After payment, money will be added to the wallet of Rummy Pride APK.

How To Withdraw Cash From Rummy Pride Apk?

As easy as it is to add money in Rummy Pride APK, it is much easier than this to transfer your earned money to the bank account. With Rummy Pride APK you can transfer money whenever you have accumulated ₹100 in your wallet.

  • To withdraw money, you have to first go to the home page of the application.
  • Now you will see that a new interface is open in front of you in which you have to fill the amount.
  • After filling the amount, you have to enter the information of your bank account or UPI ID in which you want to transfer money.
  • After filling this much information, withdraw your money by clicking on the confirm key button.

How To Earn Money From Refer And Earn Program?

Friends, the Refer and Earn program in Rummy Pride APK also gives you the opportunity to earn money in a big way. This is also one of the easiest way to earn money from this application. If you want to earn money through Refer and Earn, then you go to the Refer and Earn option of this application, copy the link from there and send it to friends through your social media account. Now you ask those friends to create an account by downloading Rummy Pride APK.

All your friends will download Rummy Pride APK and create an account in it. So Rummy Pride APK will give you a certain cashback from all of them, along with this, even when your friends add money through edcash to play games in Rummy Pride APK, you will still get a Lifetime Cashback of 5% of Rummy Pride APK.

First Recharge Offer’s In Pride Rummy App

Friends, when you add money for the first time after signing up in this application or after spending the bonus received, then Rummy Pride APK will give you a bonus of 50%, 105%, 205%.
To get all these bonuses, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • If you add ₹ 500 or more in Rummy Pride APK, you will get 50% cashback.
  • If you add ₹ 3000 or more in Rummy Pride APK, then this application will give you 105% cashback.
  • If you add ₹ 10000 or more to it, then this application can give you a bonus of up to 205%.
  • Now you can avail extra cashback by adding money in any of the above mentioned ways.

Activate VIP Bonus Features And Get Unlimited Free Bonus

Friends, if you want to get VIP bonus in Rummy Pride APK, then you have to activate VIP bonus feature in it. It is also very easy to activate it, you just have to recharge some money and the VIP plan will be activated automatically.

The good thing about this application is that you get VIP plans ranging from ₹ 30 to ₹ 5000000. In this, you will get a total of 11 VIP plans and if you activate any one of these plans, then you start getting many types of extra bonuses and free tasks from Rummy Pride APK.

Relief Fund Bonus Features In Pride Rummy

Friends, this is a very good initiative from Rummy Pride APK because Rummy Pride APK never thinks that any of our users should be harmed in any way. Rummy Pride APK will give you 2% cashback when you are playing the game and you lose the game. This cashback will be based on the amount of bet you place in the game.

How To Earn Unlimited Real Cash In Pride Rummy APK

Friends, you can earn unlimited money with Rummy Pride APK. We have told you both the ways to earn money from it above. In this, if you want to earn unlimited money, then the first way you have to adopt Refer and Earn, this method can also give you a chance to earn unlimited money in Rummy Pride APK. With this, you have another option to earn money by playing the game, as your skills will increase, you will be able to earn a lot of money from this application.

Customer Support

Customer support helps you a lot because in this you are given both WhatsApp support and email support. If you are facing any problem in Rummy Pride APK then you can get the solution of that problem immediately with the help of their customer support.

Note: Rummy Pride APK involves financial risk, so we request you to use your discretion before using this game and you play this game at your own responsibility.


Friends, according to us, if you are using this application properly, then this application can make you rich overnight. We are hoping that today’s information will prove beneficial for you. Today here you have to know about Rummy Pride APK, Rummy Pride App, Download Rummy Pride APK, Rummy Pride App Download, Rummy Pride, Pride Rummy APK, Rummy Pride Game. To earn lakhs of rupees from this application, you should download it immediately in the above mentioned way and for any inconvenience read our article once, we have given you all the step by step information in this.

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