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How To Make your Name DJ Song – In today’s time, everyone has the urge to be famous, everyone wants to be in the eyes of the people. For this too many different methods are adopted, but the disappointment that is achieved by not being famous, it is very much. become more desperate. Although everyone likes to be famous, everyone wants the world to know him and because of his actions, but there are some people who want to be famous only because of their name . Seeing the enthusiasm of people’s fame, many such platforms have been created by the Internet where they can show their talents and become famous in front of the people.

Well, it is the wedding season now, but if there is no DJ and sound box in the wedding, then there is no fun in the wedding. In today’s time, you have heard many times that the name of one person is taken in the song Basti Basti in the DJ. But this question must have been in your mind that how has he added his name in the middle of this song? So don’t worry, today we have come with the answer to your question. Today we are going to tell you how you can add your name in the middle of DJ Song. So let’s get started.

How To Make your Name DJ Song

In weddings and many other functions, the name of a person is played in the DJ, so that they can be seen by the people. But many times such questions come in our mind which are very difficult to answer. Like how would he have made a DJ song in his name? He would have added his name? Many other such questions also come in our mind. So let’s know what is the process of making a DJ Song of your name?

To add name to DJ Song, we have to go through two process in which first we suck from online website and after that name is added to it with the help of application. You can also add your name to DJ’s songs, let’s know in detail.

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Process To Create Audio file Of Your Name

Before becoming a DJ Song of your name, you must first make a sound of your name. For this, if you want, you can take the help of any sound recording application, but you will not get good quality in the recorder given by the mobile, so you should take help of any other application. If you want good quality and good recording then you can use sound of text. Or is an application that is very feature packed and very useful and helpful too.

First of all, you have to go to the Chrome option of your smart phone and there you have to open the website. After opening this website, you have to enter your name in the text or edit option at the top and after that you have to enter your mobile number.

After this you will also be shown a language option in which you have to select Hindi language and submit it.

Doing so will create an audio file named after you, which you can save by clicking on the Save button and open it later through the link from the file manager.

Now suppose that your audio file is almost complete, how is it ready, now it is the turn to mix it in DJ Song. You have to download an application called Cross DJ. When this application is downloaded, you will see that many different types of features are given in it, with the help of this application you can add your name to any song.

How To Mix Your Name In Song With Cross DJ App?

Now when Cross DJ application will be downloaded in your mobile then you can follow below steps to mix your name in song and easily create your name DJ song.

For this, first you go inside the Cross DJ application and click on the plus button from the left side. Save it in the file manager of your smartphone and add it there.

Now you can add both the files and after that you click on a setting option for recording the mix. On the right and you will see this option where you have to click on the record button inside this option. Doing so will start recording the song.

After this, you have to play the song, after which you have to play the audio file of your name wherever you want to call your name inside the song. If you want, get your name recorded multiple times in the same song. And if you want, you can put a name in the same song. After that if you like everything right, then you can go back and save the recording in the smart phone by clicking on the sales setting.

By doing this process a DJ Song will be made in your name. If you want, you can play it with any song, you can play it anywhere, wherever there is a wedding party, for this you have to follow some such simple steps. Is.


If you want, you can make a DJ song of your name in Jio’s phone by completing some such simple facts, but for that you will have to follow a few different things. By doing this you will make a DJ Song of your name then you can use it.

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